One-day training course covering the basics of market making and trading dynamics.  A detailed description of order types and when they would be used.  Concludes with a 2-Hour interactive trading simulation.

Part 1 - Introduction to Trading

Time required

90 minutes

  • Market - making basics

  • Bid/Offer spread

  • Order Book

  • Long/Short positions

  • Pnl Calculation and mark to market

Part 2 - Order Types and Broking Scenarios

Time required

60 minutes

  • Market orders

  • Limit orders

  • Iceberg orders

  • Fill or kill

  • Fast market considerations

Part 3 - Live Trading Simulation

Time required

120 minutes

  • Numbers based game where all participants will practise market-making in a dynamic environment and have to adapt to new information as it comes to light

  • No need for any prior trading experience or financial market knowledge