In this course we teach some of the advanced technical analysis techniques that have served us well over the years.  Using these methods along with a solid money management framework has helped us to safely navigate markets and achieve consistent performance.   This course will help you to avoid the common mistakes that novice traders make and learn to correctly size your positions and apply discipline with your risk management.

Part 1 - Advanced Technical Analysis

Time required

120 minutes

  • Using Oscillators

  • Momentum Divergence

  • Fibonacci Confluence

  • Elliot Wave Theory

Part 2 - Money Management 

Time required

60 minutes

  • Entries

  • Position sizing

  • Diversification

  • Stops

  • Exits

Part 3 - The Ultimate Trading Mind Map

Time required

60 minutes

  • Walkthrough of our systematic process

  • Real-life examples of how to go from idea generation to trade implementation

  • Intellectual honesty and "finding your edge"