Trading101 with Jack: The Environmental Case Against Bitcoin

TRADING 101 with JACK is our new video explainer series from OPTIONS INSIGHT, presented by the newest member of our team, Jack.

Learning from the pros can be hard if you are not familiar with basic trading terminology in finance or economics. The purpose of these short videos is to help you better understand the concepts that matter in trading and financial markets so that you can benefit more from our other more advanced content and courses.

Our goal is to provide new traders with a one stop shop for markets education so that you too can see what the pros see.

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In this short video, Jack will answer the following questions: What do the haters say? How much energy doing bitcoin mining use? Could bitcoin help push for more alternative energy sources?

In recent times the increased focus on climate change has led governments to express their concerns over the staggering amount of power being used for Bitcoin mining, especially as we are seeing an energy crunch in many parts of the world. Also, influential people by the likes of Elon Musk have expressed concerns of too much fossil fuel being used to run the Bitcoin network.

Watch this video to find out...


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