Student Testimonial - Sonny

SONNY, MSc Student and Retail Trader.

Attended “INTRO TO OPTIONS” October 2020.

GREATEST options course I have ever had!

If you wanna talk about the options market as if you are speaking your mother tongue, Imran can help you tremendously because what he does is to explain complicated stuff in an intuitive way. I did finance in my undergrad, and then financial maths for masters. Learned lots of theories, but always had a hard time talking to traders in the interview because we didn't connect well.

Now, not any more, after taking Imran's class, I finally start to feel I can start to speak the same language as traders. Interviews get smoother, interviewers know that I understand the stuff, and most importantly, I know what I am talking about. If you ask me about markets, I can look at the price level, and tell you a whole story of what I think from an options perspective, what trades to make, and what will eventually impact the P/L. That's what Imran’s teaching does. He explains so well and intuitively that people can understand option's markets in simple way. Whether you are students or trading your own account (I am both), this course helps you achieve your goals. On top of that, it's kinda cool that he teaches options on Crypto!!!! Never saw anybody doing that before, but like he says, trading options in volatile markets works best! 

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