Student Testimonial - Ahmed

AHMED K, MSc Student and Retail Trader.  

Attended “INTRO TO OPTIONS” October 2020.

DID YOU ENJOY THE COURSE AND WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS?   I enjoyed the course due to Imran’s personable yet professional approach to teaching Options. I would certainly recommend it to others due to its unique syllabus and Imran’s teaching style and approach to trading.

WHAT MAKES OPTIONS INSIGHT DIFFERENT TO OTHER TRAINING PROVIDERS?  Options Insight is different from other providers due to its unique and intuitive style of breaking down option value and the “greeks”.  Imran takes it one step further than the others. He defines the variables with professional-level and practical insight and then sets himself apart by showing us how one might approach isolating and trading individual components of an option value for maximum risk/reward payoffs. His interactive approach means he’ll often challenge your viewpoint constructively and progressively. He sets high expectations for his students, which positively builds a “real-world” dynamic to each session.

WAS THE MATERIAL EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND THE COURSE WELL STRUCTURED?  The material is not meant to necessarily be easy, but Imran manages to cover a great deal in a short amount of time. His 20-year professional career makes him knowledgable about what is relevant and what isn’t, and the syllabus reflects his insight.

DO YOU FELL MORE CONFIDENT ABOUT USING OPTIONS AND HAS THE COURSE IMPROVED YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING A JOB IN FINANCIAL MARKETS? I certainly feel more comfortable talking about options in an interview setting and would definitely have an edge during on-the-job training. 

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