Santa Rally Begins in Stocks as Yields Break Down

Short-dated yields smacked back down in Europe as BoE unexpectedly waited on rates hikes, FED gave itself extra flexibility on pace of tapering and RBA maintained QE until Feb22 but removed YCC.

On the upside, we saw NVIDIA up 15% after BoA and Wells Fargo have been calling the stock higher and a prime beneficiary of the Metaverse focus from newly named “Meta” formerly Facebook...

Weaponised call options are trading at record levels, 1–2-week expiry which contains maximum gamma and even institutions are getting in on the act, not just retail. If you can’t beat ‘em!

The news that cannabis would be federally de-scheduled and treated in a manner like alcohol, in a Republican marijuana legalisation bill, was the trigger that the sector was waiting for...

SPX continued to rally after an expected FED taper was taken in its stride and better jobs numbers with higher revisions, and a steadying labour participation rate took the SPX up to 4700. NDX has had an incredible run post tech earnings and looks very very overbought and ripe for a pullback. That is until you zoom out and compare it to 1999 when you had a similar retail frenzy...

China uranium buildout (150 additional reactors), Japan restarting reactors, France postposing deactivations and planning for new reactors, Green parties of Europe calling nuclear “Green”...

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Filmed on on Tuesday 9th November 2021.


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