Take a look at the highlights from the “A Trader’s Perspective” webinar which I did with The Business School (formally CASS).

“A Trader’s Perspective”is a unique webinar in which I use knowledge from working for many large investment banks such as CS, BofA Merrill Lynch and Citi. Having begun my career as a graduate and worked my way up to running trading desks through some of the most volatile markets in history I can give first hand advice to students of what they can expect. Now that I do not represent any particular institution, I can give an honest insight into what goes on behind closed doors and some of the challenges that people face, from Sales vs Trading to being resilient and how to be noticed. I don’t pull any punches and I tell it like it is, which is what I think students have appreciated so far.

If you would like to enquire about my webinars for your students please get in touch at imranlakha@options-insight.com

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