This 2-day online virtual training course takes you through our flagship "Options Trading Bootcamp" content with live and interactive classes hosted via zoom with a 20 year veteran options trader.


During this Options Trading Bootcamp course, seasoned trader and Wall Street professional,  Imran Lakha, focuses on practical application rather than text book theory.  His delivery is engaging, informative and most importantly, the concepts you learn are actionable. 


Whether you are a  student trying  to break into finance or a retail trader looking to utilise the power of options, this course will enhance your knowledge and expand your trading toolkit, allowing you to better navigate markets and express views on both direction and volatility.

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"In just 2 days you will be able to speak the language of options confidently,  manage risk more effectively and protect or enhance your investment portfolio."

Our comprehensive syllabus covers:
  1. Options Basics
  2. Understanding the Greeks
  3. Term Structure & Skew
  4. VIX products
  5. Intuitive option pricing
  6. Portfolio hedging techniques
And finally we connect all the dots with our OPTIONS TRADING MIND MAP which you can refer to as you put your new skills into practice.​​
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  • Access to our live and interactive weekly "MACRO INSIGHT" trading call hosted by veteran options trader Imran Lakha.

  • Weekly market reports, Imran's top trades and real-time Telegram market chat group access.​

Imran will take you under his wing with MACRO INSIGHT as you begin to 'live and breathe' options and volatility. You will feel how DELTA, THETA and VEGA impact your profits and be able to spot the optimal way to implement your trades to reflect your views and manage your risk.

During your FREE 1-month membership after the course, he will supervise you as you structure your own option trades and ideas.  This will provide you the confidence to seize opportunities as the come in markets whilst still managing your risk like a professional.



To show you how to execute live trading strategies and navigate volatility analytics, we will use the Interactive Brokers Trading Terminal, applying your newly acquired knowledge to current market conditions.

Those who are particularly interested in crypto will benefit from a walk-through of Deribit the crypto options exchange platform that Imran personally uses to manage his Bitcoin and Ethereum trades.  This new and exciting asset class provides great opportunities for those who understand how to trade volatility.


Having access to Imran has been a game-changer for me. I have used multiple services; nothing comes close to the Macro Insight call. I use the Macro insight call to understand what is happening in the markets, develop my trading plan both long term and short term. For example, I have known about Bitcoin for many years however, I did not invest. I followed the Macro call insights and rationale to enter Bitcoin and Ethereum. I closed some of my positions and kept open the rest. This has provided returns I never thought possible. More importantly, I do not check my screen that much. The proof is in the results! I have now started to manage my pension funds by my-self. Thank you Imran

Bhupinder Singh

December 2020

After doing a lot different courses from many training providers, I'm so glad that I decided to sign up for "Intro to Options" taught by Imran Lakha. It was truly the best investment I could've made at this stage of my trading journey. Learning from Imran - who's truly a master at his craft with so much industry experience working for the top institutions - was indeed a privilege. Highly recommend this course to anyone who' serious about trading options as well as participating in Financial markets in general. After completing the course I've also joined the weekly macro insight subscription - which is a great way to stay informed about the most important developments affecting the markets.



SONNY, MSc Student

October 2020

GREATEST options course I have ever had!

If you wanna talk about the options market as if you are speaking your mother tongue, Imran can help you tremendously because what he does is to explain complicated stuff in an intuitive way. I did finance in my undergrad, and then financial maths for masters. Learned lots of theories, but always had a hard time talking to traders in the interview because we didn't connect well.

Now, not any more, after taking Imran's class, I finally start to feel I can start to speak the same language as traders. Interviews get smoother, interviewers know that I understand the stuff, and most importantly, I know what I am talking about. If you ask me about markets, I can look at the price level, and tell you a whole story of what I think from an options perspective, what trades to make, and what will eventually impact the P/L. That's what Imran’s teaching does. He explains so well and intuitively that people can understand option's markets in simple way. Whether you are students or trading your own account (I am both), this course helps you achieve your goals. On top of that, it's kinda cool that he teaches options on Crypto!!!! Never saw anybody doing that before, but like he says, trading options in volatile markets works best! 

AHMED K, MSc Student

October 2020

I enjoyed the course due to Imran’s personable yet professional approach to teaching Options. I would certainly recommend it to others due to its unique syllabus and Imran’s teaching style and approach to trading.


 Options Insight is different from other providers due to its unique and intuitive style of breaking down option value and the “greeks”.  Imran takes it one step further than the others. He defines the variables with professional-level and practical insight and then sets himself apart by showing us how one might approach isolating and trading individual components of an option value for maximum risk/reward payoffs. His interactive approach means he’ll often challenge your viewpoint constructively and progressively. He sets high expectations for his students, which positively builds a “real-world” dynamic to each session.

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