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"Join our exclusive trader community, Macro Insight, and gain access to our weekly trading call for just £49 per month or £499 for a whole year. Start your 7 day free trial today"



Macro Insight is an exclusive, members only community, hosted by veteran trader, Imran Lakha.  


When you join you will receive access to his weekly trading call, benefit from networking with other members,  receive weekly marketing reports and be added to a private chat room which offers daily, realtime support and discussion. 


In the weekly MACRO INSIGHT trading call, veteran trader Imran Lakha, walks you through his macro cross-asset watchlist, discusses the main market moving narratives, shares his charts and the top trades that he is doing for his own portfolio. 

By joining a community of like-minded traders you can discuss trade ideas, increase your confidence and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

This is a unique perspective into how a seasoned professional identifies opportunities, executes trades and manages risk.  Every call ends with a live Q&A  and an opportunity to share your ideas and receive coaching and guidance for your own trading.

Discounts on our training courses for annual members include 20% off "INTRO TO OPTIONS" and 10% off "OPTIONS FOR ASSET MANAGEMENT". 



If you  have any questions about our Macro Insight membership then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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