What is different about Options Insight training?

Options Insight is different because you are being taught by an actual practitioner who still trades his own money in the current market. Imran Lakha, our founder, has a teaching style that is very intuitive and interactive which makes it perfect for people without a finance or maths background.

Who is Imran Lakha and what are his credentials?

Imran Lakha has been a professional equity derivatives trader for approximately 2 decades. He has run trading desks at 2 major investment banks and has been a macro portfolio manager at a large London-based hedge fund.


Where did Imran work when he was trading?

Imran has worked for top tier investment banks including Credit Suisse, BoA Merrill Lynch and Citibank.  On the buy side, he was a partner at the well established hedge fund Bluecrest Capital Management.


How does Options Insight operate during COVID 19?

As of March 2020, all courses are available online through Zoom enabling us to teach interactively whilst keeping inline with the UK government’s guidelines.


What happens if I can’t make a booked session?

Our live and interactive sessions are recorded and the downloadable links are sent to all the students by email.


Can we ask questions live on the course?

Yes, all Options Insight courses are interactive for you to ask questions then and there and have real time answers.  We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible during classes.


Do I need any experience in trading to be on this course?

Experience in trading will definitely help, as you will be more familiar with the concepts that are being discussed.  Imran tries to incorporate many real world examples into what he teaches so that you have a context to apply your learning. To make the most out of the course, a basic understanding of trading is recommended.


Does Imran cater to every level of trading knowledge?

Yes, our students have all different levels that we cater for.  We teach from first principles and build up from there.  Our OPTIONS BASICS CRASH COURSE is a great place to start.


If I’m a novice trader can I still take this course?

Our OPTIONS TRADING BOOTCAMP course is specifically designed for novice traders who want to understand how options can help them improve their trading and risk management.


If I’m an experienced trader is this course still relevant to me?

We teach options in a very practical way and focus on the main goal of showing how these products can help you make money, or not lose money and manage your risk.  Even experienced traders can benefit from our practical and intuitive approach which Imran has developed over many years of professional trading experience.  For more advanced training you can book one-2-one sessions which are tailored to your requirements.


What are the requirements to take part in this course?

You must be over the age of 18 to take part in our courses.  However, you don't need a specific degree or have to be studying to participate, just a basic level of numeracy is required.


Will this course help me make money?

As with all trading education, we will provide you with knowledge and guidance.  Whether or not you make money depends on how hard you work and the discipline you have as a trader.  These tools and techniques are definitely beneficial to have in your toolkit, but how you use them will be up to you.  Everything we teach is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. (see disclaimer)


Is there a trading simulation?

We use a live trading platform as part of our interactive training to show how to put the theory into action.  This is not a simulation but rather a screen share showing how we can execute live trades.


Will I receive advice on my live trades?

We do not provide investment advice.  Our MACRO INSIGHT call allows you to see how Imran is trading his portfolio and you are able to ask questions.


How will the course help my career prospects?

After our course you will be able to fluently speak the language of options.  This will be very evident in the way you speak to interviewers and will likely impress them if you intend to get a job in options trading.  We have had great feedback from students who say they felt more confident talking about markets and trading in general after taking the course.  The course also made them excited about the prospect of a career in finance.


What have past participants said about your courses? Can I read any testimonials?

Yes, please visit our testimonials page to read our excellent reviews.


Do I get a certificate / any recognition for completing the course?

Our Options for Asset Management course is CPD accredited and therefore you can be awarded CPD points for completion of that specific course.